Hi! I'm Kenny

Let me describe you a little bit about me how started my career as designer. Since adolescence always been attracted to technology, (computers and video games) also liked photography (the composition, color palettes, architecture) I decided to go into the digital design and studied it at the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla, Colombia.

I have always considered that in life you go on a climbing staircase, that at the beginning, you will see everything far away but after you're climbing you will see different panorama.

Hey there,

When I was a kid my dream was to become the next Rodney Mullen but after some older kid stole my skateboard I discovered design and fell in love with it.

I specialize in designing dashboards, landing pages, and mobile apps. With over a decade of experience, I worked on many different kinds of digital projects and I’m always learning new stuff and the only skateboard connection I still have are VANS t-shirts. 👋