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Future U

A snapshot of your future life after high school


FutureU is a student project that solves the problem of time inconsistency decision making and to help provide value in determining personal preferences and prospects. It allows high school students to consider their options through directed research and questioning to prepare educational and lifestyle decisions for later discussion and action. FutureU identifies current characteristics and future goals for students who aren't too sure what their future career is going to be and how to succeed in it.


3 weeks


Research, Ideation, Prototyping,
UI & UX Design, Concept Development


Olivia Greco and Jiya Seo


UI|UX Design,


High school aged students are at a pivotal time in their life. They’re considering future options after graduation, but need guidance imagining their path.
How might we help balance the preferences of present and future versions of high school-aged students?


We designed “FutureU" which balances the preferences of current high school students and their future selves by helping them consider important future values and honoring their current preferences.



We talked to individuals both in our target user age range (high school age, 14-18), and people in their early to late 20s to get a general idea about their perspective on how their values have changed. We received a few responses from students who were post-graduates and college freshmen.

We found that most individuals are motivated by careers and salary, which was a constant prerequisite for their personal growth. Students graduating from high school wished they had personal guidance and mentorship when moving on toward the "real world" and deciding their next move. Additionally, they will select where to live to base off possible career choices or family and friends.

We found three major themes from the results of our interviews:


Coming up with viable solutions

After several interviews, the primary pain points of college freshman and post-high school graduates provide possibilities where they can determine what their future will be like after high school. We aim to inform students of the many opportunities that they can aim for while staying true to their core values and preferences.

Value Clustering

We took the subjects and values that we heard our interviewees specifically talked about and created value categories


FutureU Ver. 1

The biggest differences in our flow as we ideated were the way in which the user picks values and interests up front.

In our earliest version - we have the user pick a value and adjust it to their desired of extent

FutureU Ver. 2

In our second version - we have the user pick values, but then indicate personal interests based on sliding personality scales. In our final prototype, we refined this flow to consider the perfect balance of optionality and consideration of values.

Final Prototype